We are just 2 days away from ringing in 2018. Now, I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year. It’s exciting to think of the possibilities a brand new year can hold. Call me a dreamer, but the thought of another year to chase after dreams and goals has always made me giddy. Our planners have been ordered (the nerd in me geeks out a bit over a nice planner), and we are busy looking forward.

2017 for us was a year of growth. Our business and our family grew. We had our fourth child and have had so much joy watching our first daughter grow and develop. Her brothers adore her and they are so protective of her.

We’ve also expanded our out reach with builders and hope to continue meeting more people around our Omaha area. As far as projects go for 2017, residential projects in the form of remodels and new construction were the biggest base for the Phillips this year. We did add a Salvation Army Camp to our┬árepertoire and had the privilege of being apart of a church’s remodel.


One goal of ours in 2018 is to pick up direct commercial work. We are hoping the quality work we do and growing network will help us in getting the Phillips Tile & Stone name out.

Along with working on other’s spaces we continue to chip away on our own home. Our days are filled to the brim with kids, homeschooling, work, church, family and home improvement. Our Master Bath is coming along. The previous homeowners took out the master shower and put a small closet in it’s place. So Trevor has been hard at work putting a shower back in and making that tiny space a bit larger for us; it’s SO close to being done and I cannot wait! I will post before-during-after pictures as soon as it’s completed!

Thank you to everyone who has crossed paths with us in 2017! We deeply appreciate all our clients and we hope you all have a very blessed 2018.


Trevor and Michelle Phillips


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