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img_3357-1In addition to owning Phillips Tile & Stone…we also home-school our four blessings. These four are such a joy! The kids have combined their love of art and recycling into a tiny business. Construction isn’t well known for being earth conscience, we hope to change that! With all these random leftover construction materials, we find creative ways to reuse, reduce and recycle! All the art work is from the kids. Our children have created beautiful alcohol ink pieces in varying colors that you choose. Perfect for your living room, dining room, office and kitchen. A non-tacky sealer has been applied to protect the design and keep your glasses, vases, candles or mugs from sticking. Cork footings are affixed to the bottoms to protect surfaces of furniture and counter tops from damage. Great gift idea!

These abstract pieces of art will be a great statement to add to your current design or something to inspire a new one. All pieces have their own unique characteristics. They are eye-catching and will add that something special which will surely be noticed. It’s a fun way to add color to any space, or keep it simple and have no design. The choice is yours. 


Our children love animals and are passionate about saving trash from going to our oceans. Another fun fact, the boys won a trophy for ‘Most Original Business Idea’ at an Omaha Children’s Business Fair. We are enjoying this activity as a family and look forward to bringing new products to you as new unused materials come in.

In other words, Daddy cuts the tiles, kids provide the artwork & mommy finishes the projects. It’s a true family endeavor.

Our Thankful Pumpkin
Left to right: White Trivet, paperweight, coaster, abstract trivet and the bottom is the abstract platter. All artwork by the kids and recycled construction materials. 

Our Newest products are vases, hexagon trivets, Christmas ornaments and jewelry! Some of our vases even include organic, homegrown herbs. We enjoy teaching our kids how to reduce, reuse, recycle and the joy that comes from growing your own food.

Farmer Z grew some herbs and artist E decorated the container.

The boys were asked to speak to a group of young entrepreneurs as well as pitch to some friendly sharks. We are thankful they are allowed these amazing experiences.

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