Happy Thanksgiving! Plus *FREE* Family holiday fun ideas!

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Whether you are having a quiet day relaxing or a day full of plans. We hope you are thankful for all the simple goodness life can bring.

This year has been full of watching our six kids grow. We enjoy watching them participate in many different activities. Our older kids are also busy with their pet sitting business and lawn care business. We have a 12-year-old who is very excited to be saving up for his first car, and we welcome his entrepreneurial spirit. Earlier in the year we added a puppy to the Phillips family. Her name is Evee. We are still home-schooling the kids, so they see firsthand all that go into running a business. We compare homeschooling to business owner life. We all learn to work hard. Life is full!

As for Phillips Tile & Stone, we’ve stayed busy as well, thanks to your recommendations! At the beginning of the year, we installed for two new local coffee shops. In addition to commercial spaces, our crew continues to install all materials for residential and new construction spaces. Our challenges for the year continue to be hiring. We had so many projects coming through and not enough skilled employees. It started to wear on Trevor, so we had to scale back on taking on all the projects coming through. What a testament to your recommendations, all those projects were through word of mouth, and we are so grateful for your support!

We are thankful for the votes this year that allowed Phillips Tile & Stone to earn Best of Omaha. This company truly is still in business because there are so many people who refer friends and family to us. THANK YOU for supporting this small family business. Please KEEP sharing about our excellent craftsmanship! Our desire is to help clients by installing spaces that will last them decades to come.

As we get ready to celebrate Christmas we would like to share some fun holiday ideas we enjoy as a family that are FREE!

  1. Holiday Light Drive. Omaha is beautiful. One of our favorite activates is to jump in the car, PJ’s on. This year we plan on bringing the dog along, too. Homemade hot chocolate in one hand and popcorn in another. Since our oldest got braces this year, I’m thinking we will need to change up our snacks instead of having popcorn. The point is, make it cozy in the car as you drive around admiring the Christmas lights.
  2. I save our Halloween candy and use it to decorate gingerbread houses together. We’ve started simply buying graham crackers and store-bought frosting to let the kids design their own houses. It’s fun to see their creativity come into action. Playing Christmas music is a must during this family activity.
  3. Our family enjoys trying new recipes and cooking together. We enjoy eating, so it all pairs well together. The cold winter months are meant for warm, cozy nights in with new and old holiday recipes. We enjoy checking out Christmas movies from the library to watch, also. Dinner and a movie at home. It doesn’t get any better.

 Are there any holiday ideas you’d like to share? We would love to hear in the comments section. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Thank you for supporting Phillips Tile & Stone. We love ya, Omaha.

The Phillips Family plus Evee the dog.

We are thankful for you!

This year, as a small and local family owned business, we are feeling extra thankful for you!

While Thanksgiving this year might look different than it did last year, we are counting our blessings. Everyday, we work hard to cultivate a construction company that our families and clients can be proud of. We, as a family of 7, personally wanted to THANK YOU for continuing to support this dream of small business owning. We have some additional services that we plan to be rolling out for 2021. So hold on to your socks. 🙂

We hope you take time today to reflect on what you are grateful for. We would love to hear from you and what makes you thankful.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving day, friends!

The Phillips Family

We are thankful for our bundle of love that was added to our family in 2020.

grateful & thankful

As Thanksgiving Day gets closer, I think it fills the heart to stop and consider all the people, things and circumstances we have to be grateful for. I’ve learned in my own life, when we stop and take time to be grateful, our mindset changes. One way I started purposefully putting gratefulness into practice is actually quite simple. I use the notes part of my iPhone and everyday (or everyday I remember!) I enter three NEW things I’m thankful for. This is something I’ve been doing for a few months so my list is long and only continues to grow. As I come up with three new things daily I’m thankful for, my mindset shifts to being grateful for everything that is in my life. A few items on my list look like this….

– A reliable, paid off vehicle

-fresh vegetables to eat


-freedom to worship God

-hot coffee

-warm clothing


-great clients

You get the idea. The crazy part is, everyday, your thankful list will look a little bit different. It will reflect how a portion of your day has already gone. For example, say you went to the DMV that morning, and the lines were low. I would be thankful for just that, “Short lines at the DMV!” It’s not rocket science, but there really IS something to be thankful for in everyday. Once we unlock our eyes to see this simple truth, our mind does a shift and realizes we really do have so much to be thankful for and it was right in front of us all along.

We hope you and yours have a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Day!