Trending Tile-Water Jet Mosaics

We’ve encountered a trending tile type that our clients seem to be enjoying. It’s called Water jet mosaics. This type of tile backsplash is precisely cut with high pressure wet jet saw technology, producing designs that are pieced together like a gorgeous puzzle. The end result is stunning. Here is a job we are finishing up and I couldn’t be more proud of our crew. The craftsmanship is simply stunning.

water jet mosaic

This water jet cutting machine is able to cut intricate shapes in a wide variety of materials including stone, porcelain and glass. A computerized tool allows extremely detailed cuts to be made, that in return, allow the back splash to be its own form of art! I’ve always said tile is a form of art, this just proves I’ve been on the right track all along. 🙂

I know this particular look might not be for everyone, but you can’t deny its intricate beauty!

I just can’t get over how this tile adds luxury and artistry without trying hard in the least!

Here is another example, for those who prefer something a bit more quiet and subdued. Notice the pretty texture and soft color palette. There are so many ways to incorporate wet jet mosaics into your design, no matter what your style may be.


No, we did not install this but I think it’s important to show all possibilities when introducing what might be a new-er tile type to some.

I think this tile trend is unique, intricate and oh, so beautiful! What are your thoughts, I’d love to hear!

Until next time,

Michelle Phillips



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