Who else is in full Summer mode? Before I sat down to type this out, I cut up a cucumber and poured a generous side of ranch on my plate. Brain food! I’m SO excited for summer. Our garden is planted. The bulbs I planted last fall are growing up strong and I can’t wait to eat some good watermelon! Sweet Summertime. How I adore you.

Some of you might have voted for this blog topic on our Facebook page! If you didn’t, that’s quite alright. Jump on in and let’s explore the top FIVE TILE TRENDS we are seeing! In no particular order, either.

Herringbone tile pattern- Fun fact. This tile pattern is named after resembling the herring fish bones. That might gross some out or make others hungry. It’s mainly an arrangement of rectangles used for floor tiles and road pavements. It’s been used as a decorative back-splash behind a stove. Herringbone Tile has a stunning and unique twist to the classic Subway Tile trend. This particular tile pattern is beautifully versatile and classic, all at the same time. It’s clear why this timeless and unique tile pattern is admired by so many!

Subway tile pattern- This tile pattern had me curious. So I went ahead and did a little research on this classic tile pattern. Get ready to learn the story behind America’s most loved and popular tile pattern.

Designers George C. Heins and Christopher Grant La Farge created the distinctive 3″ x 6″ rectangles for the very first station of New York’s then brand-new subway in 1904! During the Victorian Era, the people were obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene. One advantage seen during these times was subway tiles were easy to clean and the tiles didn’t stain easily. To New Yorkers, this shiny white tile was excellent at brightening the dark subways and making underground transportation slick and neat. These clean lines then made their way into bathrooms, kitchens, butcher shops and so on. This tile pattern has been around for 114 years! Crazy! It’s a classic that has been around the block a few times and isn’t going anywhere.

Large Format- If you are looking for clean lines, easy to clean and not many grout lines. If you have high traffic areas and want to make a dramatic statement in your floor design. If you want to make your space feel bigger. Large format tiles might be for you! This tile pattern has become more popular because of all the reasons I listed. We recently remodeled our tiny master bathroom with this tile pattern and it was amazing how spacious it made our quaint space feel. You can see in the picture below, the shower is small, but the larger tiles give it a streamlined look. Less for the eye to take in. This tile pattern has an agenda a mile long!


Glass- If color and options are your jam. Glass tile might be right up your alley. Glass tiles can be patterned or plain. Really, the world is your oyster when it comes to glass tile. This tile can make your place unique by simply installing a new backsplash. It won’t take much as it’s a showstopper in every sense of the word.


And, last but definitely not least.

Wood look- this tile is amazing. It’s durable. Its natural looking. It’s elegant. You just can’t go wrong with a wood look! Tile has come so far and it’s only getting better. These pictures speak for themselves. We will always love a beautiful wood floor, but we also know pets, kids, high traffic areas and life interrupt the best interior designs.


There you have it. Five of our most installed tile trends. Which is YOUR favorite? We’d love to hear from you!

Until next time,

Michelle Phillips

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