Lessons from a clothesline.

If you ever feel like life is too busy, I recommend using a clothesline. Recently, our dryer almost exploded on me. I don’t say that exaggerating too much either. Two weeks ago, I’d started our trusty dryer, just like any other day and was alarmed by a clicking noise. I quickly went to investigate and once entering the laundry room found our dryer exuding so much heat! I turned it off and opened the door and was greeted by hot air that just kept coming at me. I think had I not stopped it when I did, our dryer would have caught on fire. Thankfully, it didn’t!

I had been wanting to get a clothesline anyway, so this seemed like the perfect time to turn our cozy home into even more of a homestead. My husband bought the clothesline and installed it and away we went. It’s been two weeks fully drying our clothes on a clothesline and these are a few of the things I’ve learned.


  1. I pay more attention to the weather now! I was already starting to get better at this with having a garden this summer but as much as I want the rain for our garden, I don’t want rain on our clean clothes. I’m just inching my way to becoming my childhood hero, Laura Ingalls. 🙂
  2. Towels feel better when dried in a dryer where sheets and comforters are better dried under warm sunshine.
  3. Slowing down the pace of life is fun and it becomes a fun family activity of sorts. It is a lot of extra work to take clothes outside to dry! My husband and kids have risen to the challenge and I think we all sort of enjoy this old-fashioned way of living.
  4. I think we were already trying to find ways to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Gardening was one of the activities we started enjoying, cloth diapers and now knowing we are conserving energy and possibly lowering our energy bill a bit, that’s fun to think about.
  5. Looking for ways to improve your home environment is and always will be fun. Our family changes a little bit each season. Our home changes with us. Right now, we have three tree swings in our sturdy, front yard tree. Those swings get used and we now picnic under that tree where just last summer, the space wasn’t being used at all! That small change has made our home seem bigger, by just utilizing the space better.  We have plans to turn the side yard of our house into a secret garden vibe next spring and summer. It’s fun to dream and plan even if it’s the same home you’ve been in for years!

I hope we all continue to love the space we’re in. Make it uniquely yours and be proud of it! It’s one of the best feelings ever to love your home.

Until next time.

Michelle Phillips


Disclaimer:: I’ll still get another drier….there’s just no rush. 😉

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