My Fall Bucket-list

Some of you might not know that we are a homeschooling family. We value that extra time and it just works for us in this season of life. With that little factoid off my chest, I have been dreaming up fun things to do this fall and wanted to share our Fall Bucket-list with you all. While we enjoy summer, fall is extra special to us with our upcoming anniversary and Husker football. We will be celebrating 9 years of marriage in October and I can’t believe how fast those years went! Here is my fall bucket-list!

  1. bond-fire with smores
  2. Vala’s Pumpkin HAVE to get a fresh caramel apple while there! So good. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
  3. picnic and park by the lake
  4. apple picking
  5. pumpkin painting
  6. attend a fall festival
  7. bake a pie
  8. try a new soup recipe
  9. plant flower bulbs and prep for our spring garden
  10. take fun fall family photos
  11. rake the leaves the old fashioned way
  12. Watch ALL the Husker games
  13. try my hand at canning this year with veggies from our garden
  14. make a charcuterie board
  15. grill and invite friends over
  16. put away all the summer toys
  17. go to the farmers market ONE more time
  18. try a new coffee shop with a friend
  19. make chili, monkey bread and have a family movie date night at home
  20. make and order our Christmas cards so I’m not doing anything last minute again


I’d love to hear some things you’d like to accomplish this fall! Tell me in the comments, it might encourage me to try it too.

Until next time,

Michelle Phillips

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