Little Entrepreneurs

Attention home-made craft lovers!

Our children started their own business and it is really something! This past weekend they were able to participate in Omaha’s FIRST children’s business fair. They did so well that they even won a trophy for Most Original Business Idea in their age category! The idea behind their business was to combine two of their passions. Art and recycling. The construction world isn’t known for being great at recycling, so these kids decided to take the leftover materials from job sites and turn them into something beautiful and functional for the home.

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They’ve created stunning platters, trivets, coasters and paper weights that sold like hot cakes at the fair this weekend. They had an absolute blast and more importantly, they learned so much through this amazing experience. Each piece is fully covered with cork on the bottom and glued with silicone. The top is sprayed with acrylic. Yes, it’s been a fun family project and the artwork is all the boys. Each piece is unique and beautiful.


They are looking forward to more craft fairs! The three year old got right back to work painting the next day. It’s been fun to watch them create beautiful pieces that people were stunned at this weekend. Children really are amazing. Look how happy they were with their trophy! The three year old stayed home during the fair for safety reasons. Ha! I’m sure you can only imagine why… 😉


If you are interested in buying their crafts, they would be thrilled. They do take custom orders and are looking to add new craft recycling ideas to their inventory.

I’m so glad our boys got to have their own “shop” experience like they have been dreaming of. It’s fun to see them learning and growing!

Oh! I didn’t share their business name…it’s Phillips Tile & Crafts. Cute, right?

From one proud little mama,

Michelle Phillips <3


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