Life and a Kitchen Remodel

How many of you love learning more about a business or the people behind the business? I know I do. Lately I’ve come to think MAYBE people would like to know more about the people behind this Phillips Tile & Stone operation. One of these days, I’d like to share how this company came about…but that is for a different blog post. Today, I wanted to introduce ourselves quickly and take you on a speedy tour of our kitchen renovation.

My name is Michelle Phillips. I married that cute boy from 7th grade homeroom and we have been married for 8 years. In that 8 years we have started this business, I completed my Master’s in Teaching degree, we’ve had four children, we bought our first and only home we’ve ever known; we have grown in so many ways, as a couple and individually. Whew. That was a quick introduction that could have so many layers if I allowed it, but I’d like to stay on course and get to show you this kitchen remodel.

A little bit about our house. My husband proposed in this house and we closed on it three days before our wedding. The house wasn’t in good condition when we bought it. We were very fresh 25 year olds and starry-eyed about life in general. At least I was. I can’t speak for Trevor.  Here is what our kitchen looked like the day we moved in. kitchen

Yes. This was what we, as newly weds moved into directly after our honeymoon. Thank the Lord for friends and family who came in during our honeymoon and cleaned to make it useable. Talk about an adventure. My in-laws gave us their old refrigerator and bought us a white microwave and dishwasher as a wedding present. I wish there was a picture of the other side of the kitchen, but there isn’t. Mainly because we were overwhelmed with working on a house to make it livable WHILE living there. Have any of you ever tried that? Yes, we could have lived in an apartment and forgone home-owning at the age of 25. However, if you know my husband, you know that he thinks about things like apartment fires and safety, and apartment living wasn’t for him. Trevor is one of a kind. That’s why I married him.

I digress…

The first two years of marriage were a blur, Trevor started his business after the first year of marriage and I started grad school, taking a totally different career path from the Interior Design path I was on. Does anyone remember the market crash in 2008? Yeah, that hurt us all. We also found out during this time we were expecting our first baby! Here was my mother’s day present that year! floor

Now, almost every wife will experience some kind of work perk from their husband. Some get paid work trips, some get clothes, some get coffee. I get the construction labor done for free! 🙂 Underneath the pink and green tiles were three more layers of vinyl, durock, and underlayment. My husband worked hard to make this floor right and isn’t it so pretty!? It’s called a Versailles tile pattern and it is the design inspiration in our logo.

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I know, I’ve taken you on so many rabbit trails to get to our kitchen remodel, but as in everything my whole married life. It comes in stages, just like this blog post. 🙂

Trevor and I live by a cash only philosophy. We have added many small updates to this kitchen over the years and during our Christmas break we decided to go for a larger remodel. In two weeks, with all our family in town and a while taking a break from homeschooling we did a backsplash, drywall, trim and paint update. Here is what our kitchen looks like now!


It’s come a long way, baby! I love it. It’s pieced together with love and commitment. We are already looking forward to counter-tops and a stainless steel microwave to complete the existing appliances, but that trusty microwave has been there for us since day one in this house. So, excuse us if we use it until it burns out.

Until next time,

Michelle Phillips

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