Love is in the air

Let’s talk about your favorite building material!

What’s your favorite? Wood? Paint? Stone? Tile? Concrete? Carpet?

I think we can all agree combining these materials in just the right colors will revive a space. Paint is an easy way to refresh a space. Wood warms a space. Concrete is modern, edgy, cool and durable. But when it comes down to it, tile might be my favorite material in a room.

Think about it.

What IS tile? It’s colorful. It provides texture. It’s durable. It’s cooling. It’s easy to clean. It’s waterproof. It can used almost anywhere. Just to name a few.

I just think tile is so cool!

It’s not because my husband has had his own tile business for the past seven years either, although his skill set has been utilized in almost every area of our house.

Tile is just an awesome material!

Here are some extra benefits you might have never realized about this wonderful material I’ve come to love too much.

Tile improves your indoor air quality. In other flooring materials like carpet or laminate, there are trace amounts of toxic compounds that occur during manufacturing. However, tile is made using a high temperature kilning process, that gives you an end result of no volatile organic compound. There is even grout that can be bought with zero volatile organic compound. How perfect is that!

Is there anyone in your house that suffers from allergies or asthma? If you or a loved one suffer from either of these health issues tile makes an ideal option for flooring as it does not trap and accumulate dust and allergens like carpeted floors. Think about it. Carpet is the ideal breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria, germs and even mold. The very general hardness of tile makes it easy to keep your home dust and allergen free.

Have you ever stepped back to consider how long your tile investment will last you? While paying for a tile floor might seem like a higher up front cost, consider the longevity and durability. We have carpet in two rooms in our entire house. While it’s cozy for the kids to play on, we drop some change every year to get it professionally cleaned…because the baby spit up never seems to wash out!

Now, consider all the options you have with tile.

There’s tile that looks like wood


There is tile that looks like brick.



There’s bright colored tiles.


There is patterned tile.


There is tile that looks like stone.


Yes, my love and appreciation for tile (& stone) runs deep.

Until next time,

Michelle Phillips

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