Where do you live? Do you live in a state that has all four seasons like us? If you do, I can only imagine the excitement you have looming with all things SPRING!

I’ve been anticipating Spring weather and all that follows suit since the day after Christmas.

Our garden was planned and then the seeds bought. Some of our seeds have already been planted and are growing great. This picture was from maybe two months ago. You can see the baby sprouts.


With Spring coming, I’m sure you have outdoor projects you’d like to tackle! The snow is melting here. The sun is shining. Let’s all get out there and make good on the outdoor projects we have on our to-do list! They say Summer bodies are made in the Winter. I’m fully taking that phrase to our homes. Beautiful Summer homes and gardens are made in the Winter. Here is our ‘Summer Garden’ now! I’m SO ready to plant these veggies and flowers outside.


Also, my prediction of this being the year for Hexagon tiles (if you don’t remember that post it’s here) might just be wrong. I think Subway tile is reining strong and proud! Soon, I’ll have some pictures to prove my point. Have a great Wednesday, Friends! Friday will be here before you know it.

Michelle Phillips


Here’s a little more green…but not the healthy kind. 🙂 March really is a good and green month.



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