2019 Challenge!

Fun little fact, I was reading my last blog post of 2017 and realized that I wrote that two days before 2018 dropped as well. Apparently two days before the New Year is very motivational for me. 🙂 I hope it is for you, too!

In January I typically ((try)) to do a month long decluttering session to EVERY area of our house! Keep in mind, we are living in the same house we bought as newlyweds and we’ve added four children. Our house isn’t small by any means, but we have three bedrooms between the 6 of us and not a lot of storage space. We are under the mindset that you CAN work with what you own. It takes a little creativity and some gumption.

We try to find a purpose for every area of our house and only bring in items that have purpose. Of course junk finds it’s way into our home. That’s normal! But it doesn’t need to stay there. If something isn’t suiting your family and lifestyle…donate it-get it out of your house!

So, who wants to join me on this 30 minutes a day decluttering journey? Here is my *To Tackle* list. Of course you may edit it to suit your family better.

  1. frig/freezer
  2. kitchen junk drawers (yes, I have more than one)
  3. Desk and paperwork
  4. linen closet
  5. kitchen cabinets
  6. bathroom cabinets
  7. Entryway/Mud room
  8. Laundry room
  9. basement storage
  10. basement toys
  11. garage
  12. kids clothes
  13. Her closet
  14. His closet
  15. organize master bed and bathroom
  16. boys room
  17. girls room
  18. upstairs toys
  19. family car
  20. work truck
  21. craft area
  22. home school area
  23. kids books
  24. shoes
  25. pantry
  26. purse and diaper bag
  27. medicine cabinet
  28. make up
  29. deep freeze
  30. jewelry
  31. outside toys (I’m hoping it’s warmer by the end of January!)

This list will take me through our entire house. You’ll find once you start your 30 minutes, it’s actually enjoyable and goes quickly. It’s just *starting* that’s difficult. Clearing out all the junk makes it easier to clean my house and it makes springtime appear quicker! I’d love to hear if you’ll join me on this decluttering challenge! I guarantee it’ll set you up for a lighter 2019.

Happy New Year, friends!

Michelle Phillips

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