Summertime and the livin’ is easy, I once sang that soulful Ella Fitzgerald for an audition and a performance. How many of you are enjoying your summer? I hope you are taking it all in with BBQ’s, picnic’s, backyard games and beach views.

Speaking of beach views, I thought I’d share some of our pictures! Trevor and I recently traveled to Hawaii for my husband to be in his good buddy’s wedding. We brought along our youngest babe and had the best time. This is the longest ‘vacation’ we’ve had since our honeymoon almost 9 years ago! It was so good to see old friends and make new ones as well.


Enjoy your summer spending time with friends and family! Before you know it, football season will be here. 😉

Until next time,

Michelle Phillips

It’s Our (Business) Birthday!

8 years! Can you believe it? I sure can’t!

The way our business came about was totally something only the Lord would do. It wasn’t like we set out to start a business! Owning a business wasn’t ever on our radar. I remember when we were dating, Trevor wanted a job that was a 9-5, come home and forget about it. Owning a business isn’t that, but I’d love to share with you how this business came to be and why we believe, for now, why God has us here!

Trevor and I were married 10/10/09. While we were dating, he was working construction and I was working as an interior designer. I’d made a few comments how our lines of work seemed to compliment each other and how neat it would be to use those gifts to compliment each other. That was that. We got married and held on for the ride that would soon follow.

To give you a small glimpse of ‘the ride’…we closed on our house three days before our wedding. We had bought a HUGE junk house and had plans to renovate it. So now we owned a junk house that really wasn’t suitable for living. But we did! It was an adventure, to say the least. This was also around the time the economy crashed. Let that sink in. Six months into our marriage, Trevor was let go of his construction job. It went under. My interior design job wasn’t stable so we were both out looking for work in an economy that was floundering! It was HARD! Newly married, a junk house and no jobs.

Friends, if God brings you to it, He will SURELY bring you THROUGH it! My God is faithful. He supplied our every need. Trevor started work at a local flooring place and I started to work in a school as a para-professional. We had jobs! Thank the Lord! But Trevor, in a desire that could only be from God, decided to quit the flooring place and start his own company. So the day I was a Matron of Honor in a dear friend’s wedding was the day my husband, had his first job!  June 26, 2010 was the day Phillips Tile & Stone came to be and we’ve learned SO much in our 8 years of business owning and our almost 9 years of marriage. God has provided over and over again. He is faithful. God gives the best blessings. Five months after our business was born, we found out we were expecting our first baby blessing. Guess what. God provided! Word got out about Phillips Tile & Stone and my husbands EXCELLENT work and without hardly any marketing…jobs steadily came in.

We’ve learned to be with plenty and what it’s like to be in want. We’ve learned the importance of helping others as they get through difficult stages of life. We’ve learned to rely on each other and most importantly we’ve learned that our Heavenly Father knows what is best for us. His plans are the best even if we don’t understand them at the moment.

So, since starting Phillips Tile & Stone 8 years ago, we’ve been blessed with 4 wonderful children. We are still in the same house, but I almost guarantee you wouldn’t recognize it from the renovations we’ve made…in our spare time. Ha.

Thank you Lord for the ministry opportunities you’ve given us within this construction realm. One day, I’d love to write a book about our life. I doubt anyone would read it but our story has been anything but bland.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Phillips Tile & Stone! We’ve learned a lot from you!



Lessons from a clothesline.

If you ever feel like life is too busy, I recommend using a clothesline. Recently, our dryer almost exploded on me. I don’t say that exaggerating too much either. Two weeks ago, I’d started our trusty dryer, just like any other day and was alarmed by a clicking noise. I quickly went to investigate and once entering the laundry room found our dryer exuding so much heat! I turned it off and opened the door and was greeted by hot air that just kept coming at me. I think had I not stopped it when I did, our dryer would have caught on fire. Thankfully, it didn’t!

I had been wanting to get a clothesline anyway, so this seemed like the perfect time to turn our cozy home into even more of a homestead. My husband bought the clothesline and installed it and away we went. It’s been two weeks fully drying our clothes on a clothesline and these are a few of the things I’ve learned.


  1. I pay more attention to the weather now! I was already starting to get better at this with having a garden this summer but as much as I want the rain for our garden, I don’t want rain on our clean clothes. I’m just inching my way to becoming my childhood hero, Laura Ingalls. 🙂
  2. Towels feel better when dried in a dryer where sheets and comforters are better dried under warm sunshine.
  3. Slowing down the pace of life is fun and it becomes a fun family activity of sorts. It is a lot of extra work to take clothes outside to dry! My husband and kids have risen to the challenge and I think we all sort of enjoy this old-fashioned way of living.
  4. I think we were already trying to find ways to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Gardening was one of the activities we started enjoying, cloth diapers and now knowing we are conserving energy and possibly lowering our energy bill a bit, that’s fun to think about.
  5. Looking for ways to improve your home environment is and always will be fun. Our family changes a little bit each season. Our home changes with us. Right now, we have three tree swings in our sturdy, front yard tree. Those swings get used and we now picnic under that tree where just last summer, the space wasn’t being used at all! That small change has made our home seem bigger, by just utilizing the space better.  We have plans to turn the side yard of our house into a secret garden vibe next spring and summer. It’s fun to dream and plan even if it’s the same home you’ve been in for years!

I hope we all continue to love the space we’re in. Make it uniquely yours and be proud of it! It’s one of the best feelings ever to love your home.

Until next time.

Michelle Phillips


Disclaimer:: I’ll still get another drier….there’s just no rush. 😉


Can you feel it? The shift? The shift from school schedules to pool schedules. The shift to where your evening walk sends you  whiffs of BBQ and you smile at the children playing in the front yard.

Whatever your summer plans, whether it’s camping in the backyard, traveling to visit family or a luxurious overseas trip. We hope you slow down and enjoy the people in your life. Make this summer one for the books just because you simply stopped to enjoy what you do have. famPhil




Who else is in full Summer mode? Before I sat down to type this out, I cut up a cucumber and poured a generous side of ranch on my plate. Brain food! I’m SO excited for summer. Our garden is planted. The bulbs I planted last fall are growing up strong and I can’t wait to eat some good watermelon! Sweet Summertime. How I adore you.

Some of you might have voted for this blog topic on our Facebook page! If you didn’t, that’s quite alright. Jump on in and let’s explore the top FIVE TILE TRENDS we are seeing! In no particular order, either.

Herringbone tile pattern- Fun fact. This tile pattern is named after resembling the herring fish bones. That might gross some out or make others hungry. It’s mainly an arrangement of rectangles used for floor tiles and road pavements. It’s been used as a decorative back-splash behind a stove. Herringbone Tile has a stunning and unique twist to the classic Subway Tile trend. This particular tile pattern is beautifully versatile and classic, all at the same time. It’s clear why this timeless and unique tile pattern is admired by so many!

Subway tile pattern- This tile pattern had me curious. So I went ahead and did a little research on this classic tile pattern. Get ready to learn the story behind America’s most loved and popular tile pattern.

Designers George C. Heins and Christopher Grant La Farge created the distinctive 3″ x 6″ rectangles for the very first station of New York’s then brand-new subway in 1904! During the Victorian Era, the people were obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene. One advantage seen during these times was subway tiles were easy to clean and the tiles didn’t stain easily. To New Yorkers, this shiny white tile was excellent at brightening the dark subways and making underground transportation slick and neat. These clean lines then made their way into bathrooms, kitchens, butcher shops and so on. This tile pattern has been around for 114 years! Crazy! It’s a classic that has been around the block a few times and isn’t going anywhere.

Large Format- If you are looking for clean lines, easy to clean and not many grout lines. If you have high traffic areas and want to make a dramatic statement in your floor design. If you want to make your space feel bigger. Large format tiles might be for you! This tile pattern has become more popular because of all the reasons I listed. We recently remodeled our tiny master bathroom with this tile pattern and it was amazing how spacious it made our quaint space feel. You can see in the picture below, the shower is small, but the larger tiles give it a streamlined look. Less for the eye to take in. This tile pattern has an agenda a mile long!


Glass- If color and options are your jam. Glass tile might be right up your alley. Glass tiles can be patterned or plain. Really, the world is your oyster when it comes to glass tile. This tile can make your place unique by simply installing a new backsplash. It won’t take much as it’s a showstopper in every sense of the word.


And, last but definitely not least.

Wood look- this tile is amazing. It’s durable. Its natural looking. It’s elegant. You just can’t go wrong with a wood look! Tile has come so far and it’s only getting better. These pictures speak for themselves. We will always love a beautiful wood floor, but we also know pets, kids, high traffic areas and life interrupt the best interior designs.


There you have it. Five of our most installed tile trends. Which is YOUR favorite? We’d love to hear from you!

Until next time,

Michelle Phillips

Happy May Day

Small Business Week & Happy May Day!
Spring celebrates new beginnings and small business week celebrates and supports the small business environment. Did you know Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy? We are happy to help create new jobs in our city of Omaha. We love connecting with people all around the metro and feel a sense of pride after a job is completed. To all our fellow small business owners. Good job! Keep it up, friends!Â đŸ‘đŸ»Â Fun fact, the picture of us was taken around the time our business opened in 2010! So much has happened in those almost 8 years. Including the birth of our four children. God is good, friends! Have a happy first day of May.

Until next time,

Michelle Phillips


Trending Tile-Water Jet Mosaics

We’ve encountered a trending tile type that our clients seem to be enjoying. It’s called Water jet mosaics. This type of tile backsplash is precisely cut with high pressure wet jet saw technology, producing designs that are pieced together like a gorgeous puzzle. The end result is stunning. Here is a job we are finishing up and I couldn’t be more proud of our crew. The craftsmanship is simply stunning.

water jet mosaic

This water jet cutting machine is able to cut intricate shapes in a wide variety of materials including stone, porcelain and glass. A computerized tool allows extremely detailed cuts to be made, that in return, allow the back splash to be its own form of art! I’ve always said tile is a form of art, this just proves I’ve been on the right track all along. 🙂

I know this particular look might not be for everyone, but you can’t deny its intricate beauty!

I just can’t get over how this tile adds luxury and artistry without trying hard in the least!

Here is another example, for those who prefer something a bit more quiet and subdued. Notice the pretty texture and soft color palette. There are so many ways to incorporate wet jet mosaics into your design, no matter what your style may be.


No, we did not install this but I think it’s important to show all possibilities when introducing what might be a new-er tile type to some.

I think this tile trend is unique, intricate and oh, so beautiful! What are your thoughts, I’d love to hear!

Until next time,

Michelle Phillips



Oh Happy Day!

If you’ve ever taken on a remodeling home project you might have figured out, things rarely go quite as planned. Maybe not enough materials were ordered, the weather isn’t working in your favor or you won’t be staying under your budget like you had hoped.

I get it. We’ve all been there!

It’s sort of like family pictures. You put together some cute outfits and miraculously get everyone ready only to realize after the pictures come back, none are good.

I get it. I’ve been there too.

What I’m trying to say is this. Life rarely goes as planned. Let’s find joy in the hiccups, because there is always something to be thankful for!

Happy Easter, friend. So thankful the tomb was found empty.

Love, The Phillips Family



Where do you live? Do you live in a state that has all four seasons like us? If you do, I can only imagine the excitement you have looming with all things SPRING!

I’ve been anticipating Spring weather and all that follows suit since the day after Christmas.

Our garden was planned and then the seeds bought. Some of our seeds have already been planted and are growing great. This picture was from maybe two months ago. You can see the baby sprouts.


With Spring coming, I’m sure you have outdoor projects you’d like to tackle! The snow is melting here. The sun is shining. Let’s all get out there and make good on the outdoor projects we have on our to-do list! They say Summer bodies are made in the Winter. I’m fully taking that phrase to our homes. Beautiful Summer homes and gardens are made in the Winter. Here is our ‘Summer Garden’ now! I’m SO ready to plant these veggies and flowers outside.


Also, my prediction of this being the year for Hexagon tiles (if you don’t remember that post it’s here) might just be wrong. I think Subway tile is reining strong and proud! Soon, I’ll have some pictures to prove my point. Have a great Wednesday, Friends! Friday will be here before you know it.

Michelle Phillips


Here’s a little more green…but not the healthy kind. 🙂 March really is a good and green month.



Love is in the air

Let’s talk about your favorite building material!

What’s your favorite? Wood? Paint? Stone? Tile? Concrete? Carpet?

I think we can all agree combining these materials in just the right colors will revive a space. Paint is an easy way to refresh a space. Wood warms a space. Concrete is modern, edgy, cool and durable. But when it comes down to it, tile might be my favorite material in a room.

Think about it.

What IS tile? It’s colorful. It provides texture. It’s durable. It’s cooling. It’s easy to clean. It’s waterproof. It can used almost anywhere. Just to name a few.

I just think tile is so cool!

It’s not because my husband has had his own tile business for the past seven years either, although his skill set has been utilized in almost every area of our house.

Tile is just an awesome material!

Here are some extra benefits you might have never realized about this wonderful material I’ve come to love too much.

Tile improves your indoor air quality. In other flooring materials like carpet or laminate, there are trace amounts of toxic compounds that occur during manufacturing. However, tile is made using a high temperature kilning process, that gives you an end result of no volatile organic compound. There is even grout that can be bought with zero volatile organic compound. How perfect is that!

Is there anyone in your house that suffers from allergies or asthma? If you or a loved one suffer from either of these health issues tile makes an ideal option for flooring as it does not trap and accumulate dust and allergens like carpeted floors. Think about it. Carpet is the ideal breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria, germs and even mold. The very general hardness of tile makes it easy to keep your home dust and allergen free.

Have you ever stepped back to consider how long your tile investment will last you? While paying for a tile floor might seem like a higher up front cost, consider the longevity and durability. We have carpet in two rooms in our entire house. While it’s cozy for the kids to play on, we drop some change every year to get it professionally cleaned…because the baby spit up never seems to wash out!

Now, consider all the options you have with tile.

There’s tile that looks like wood


There is tile that looks like brick.



There’s bright colored tiles.


There is patterned tile.


There is tile that looks like stone.


Yes, my love and appreciation for tile (& stone) runs deep.

Until next time,

Michelle Phillips